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Reviews for "MDay : The Emo Collab"



how can you say that emo's rux

it's chavs that suxk not emo's

and emo's are very different compared to chavs who all go around in tracksuits and crap like that.

this movie is one of the worst one's i've ever seen in my life.

*evil glare*

Luvved it (=

This was extremely hilarious for me because i have an emo-wannabe best bud (even tho hes more manic and aggravated than an emo). The song is really catchy and rhymes well. Animation wasn't all too great, but it suited the music and jokes well.

Nice interpretation of the emo song.

Good job on this flash it definitely goes good with the song. THE STREETS WILL FLOW WITH THE BLOOD OF THE NON BELIEVERS.


Ok First Things First Theres NOthing Wrong With Being Gay Or Bi, I Kiss My Guy M8t But Thats Because Its Funny Coz It Turns My Girlfriend On And Its Gd For A Laugh To See Peoples Reactions, Agreed On The Fact Most Emo Song Have Weird Names But Not All Look Like Clones Thats More Chavs Coz They Actuly Wear The Same Brand And Style.


This is probably my favorite flash of all time. It totally kicks ass. All those goddamn emo fuckers need to kill themselves. The whole thing rocked, but the song was freaking fantastic.