Reviews for "MDay : The Emo Collab"


Ok...so i'm Emo....but you know...it still makes me laugh.
That song is great...even if it is offensive and I don't agree with some of the stuff in it lol


well if emo kids started making fun of normal human beings then they would actually be doing something in life and not cry all day and look like drag queens and ride in mommy's minivan cuz there are less conformists in there. whatever, forget emo. just wait till they're old and telling their grandchildren about their life..... " ya in my child hood we used to dress up like girls and kiss guys and act gay cuz no one understood us".........real cool huh? good job on the video though!


it really pisses me off when people make fun of emos. i mean what the hell did they do to you? they can't help the way the are and how they feel. what if a whole bunch of emos made fun some one like you. then how would you feel. i mean have some considerartion for your dearly beloved emos. alright?

and the fat kid was weird he creeped me out at first

??? oh... ha ha

Not bad, i used to be slightly emo thouge not homosexual in anyway.


I am an emo and wish to leave this cruel world that doesn’t accept homosexuality, I hope god does. I want to say to all my family: “FUCK U” Mom, I hate you for bringing me to life. I hope u DIE u fucking slut, die die die die!!!!! FUCK UFUCK UFUCK UFUCK UFUCK UFUCK…….”

It was a little bit funny.