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Reviews for "MDay : The Emo Collab"




I dont find these things funny but i usually go by the animation and work put into it but that song is just....whats a good word for a hose spewing baby shit that doesn't sound so disgusting?...anyway the animation was ok but other then that its all just hate...and hate videos when not in good taste are horrid....


It's funny because its all true!

you a hater of emo

why you hate emo so bad
they just want love and friends
you dont got to hate them
because they cut there self
they do that wend they are sad
emo needs love and friends
for they cand stop cuting there self


I can't trust anyone anymore, can I? There's only ONE video in the emo section that isn't against us or about us dying. And this song is completely wrong. If people saw more emo kids like me it would be a much different train of thought with us... But I'm still a shut in..