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Reviews for "MDay : The Emo Collab"

T'was funny

Well...I was EMO for some time, buti'm not really offended by this flash or something. The weird thing is, looks like all the guys below me think i am, or want me to. If you ask me they're the weirdo's here. I mean, come on, if i'd get a dollar for every wanabe herd following "oh hey aren't I funny, lolzors" guy's i'd be a millionaire. And for those who wanna know, yes i cut, yes i smoked pod and yes I listen to Linken Park, My Chemical Romance, and Bullet for my Valentine. And just please quit saying "cheer up", leave us be we are almost happy with the way we are as far as we are happy, if it's anyone out there making us feel we suck, it's you, so think about that for a second. Back to the movie, good synchrony between music and movie, and overall medium graphics, 7/10.

Btw, if you plan on criticicing me in any way, please write in proper english or have the guts to send me a message personally.

somthin wired

almost every comment made on this flash has useless on it i think da emos r anrgry or sad and tries to harm us this way wich is stranger than a dude geting a bone from another dude

Stupid emos

Emo's are junks in holland...Luckily they give it away since they kill themselves


why duz getting dumped giv emo's erections!!!!!!!????????its fucked up!!!!!!!!!

i wish emos would just stop acting stupid.

honestly emos just punch a pillow for crist sake instead of cutting.