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Reviews for "MDay : The Emo Collab"


people at my skol last year sang that

me likey!!!!!!!!

some of those emo drawings are kutw!!!
thumbs up!!!
oh yea...emo boys kissing is HAWT!!!!!


...are exactly my thoughts right now

Not that bad rly....

You people who keep bashin emos need to stop. Itd be nice if youd actually pretend to have some dignity... but since its likely to stay the same... being emo is the same as being an athlete or skater kid. You hang out with people of similar interests, dress in the same generalized style, and you keep to that group. Emos do the same thing...

And by the way... to the person a few posts down who said that "...emos anrgry or sad and tries to harm us this way..." I advise that you shut up until you actually have some sort of idea why people are a certain way. How would you feel if you had a dozen problems such as grandmother died recently, mother and sister died in car crash, dad was found to have untreatable pancreatic cancer, and you arent even sure if you will be able to go home the next day to your drug and gun infested neighborhood. Then, on top of everything, you have a group of retards trying to steal from you, prank you, and do horrible other things to you while you are at school and out in public. Its people like you who cause people to shoot up schools. Do everyone a favor and actually think about what you are doing before you find the one you threw into the dumpster 3 days ago has shot up a school and killed a bunch of people.
As for the "contructive criticism", I really really didnt like the start where theres the picture that doesnt move while the first set of words come in. Make the dude move some at least! I remember having 2 non-moving pictures, and theres still quite a bit of room left for creativity with what you have to work with.

lol this video was funny

ya this video was funny,and dude cruzh,emo are ppl not shits so shut up