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Reviews for "Detailed RPG Tutorial"

Fantastic explaining,

but i'm a n00b to flash and I didn't understand where to put the code to stop the walking animation. Can you help?

I just got flash today

how the hell in the first step i think its the 5th frame onto the 8th the character is moving? I thought a frame was supposed to support movement. frames shouldn't move or am I missing something? If I am, please tell me how to get pass that step because I am lost.

Hoeloe responds:

a frame is a still image, lots of frames together make an illusion of movement. in that step you put your character into a movie clip (if you don't know how, then don't try this tutorial!) then add 8 frames, on each walking one, add another movie clip with the animation on. hover over the frames to see which is which

great for newbies.

Its great, but try to explain the AS so that the newbies would undestand what they mean.

it must be good but i don't understand it.

it would have tought me loads of useful stuff if i understood it.
plz make it easier to understand and tell me how to make the load buttons (it didn't say)

Hoeloe responds:

the script after it tells you about saving with a button is the load button script, sorry for not being very clear

I've seen somewhere else before though

It was okay, but you could make most of it clearer. One question, I know it's stupid, though. What actionscript would you have to do, just say you had a house and the "player" had to walk through the door. So what actionscript, well at least some kind of idea of what actionscript would you need to input so that it would go to the "inside the house" frame? If you could reply, that'd be appreciated. Thnx. :)

Hoeloe responds:

if you dont already know that script, dont make a RPG