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Reviews for "Detailed RPG Tutorial"

Good but

Sorry man you lost me at the start, i read the rest and its a really nice tutorial but i could only do the start 4 frames of the guy then the rest when i moused over the keyframes it just was 2 quick for me 2 see i didnt get it 10/10 and 5/5 anyway because it was good i just didnt get it.


It was a good tutorial. Everything was easy to understand and put in the simplest way possible.

There's just one thing;
"player" just keeps on walking after you move, even if he is stationery...

Hoeloe responds:

That's because you missed a piece of code. Theres a bit to put on all the walking animations that says if the key isn't down, go to the respective idle frame.

This tutorial isn't great though, it has a lot of flaws and I could easily make a better one.

Very nice tut...

The only think I want to learn now.. Is how to make a formula..

For example: Damage = Atk - EnemyDef + 5
Any clue how?

On Topic~ I don't think I could find a better tutorial to learn from. I would just suggest making back and forward buttons throughout the entire Tutorial. It's kind of hard using my arrow keys, they skip pages some times making it hard to understand later on.

Hoeloe responds:

You've already made a formula. That's actually how you do it. If you have a variable called EnemyDef and a variable called Atk, you can use that to calculate damage. Of course, it might be better to choose a random number like this: random(Atk - EnemyDef) + 5, to make things a bit more diverse, but thats the basis of it.

Dude there's some bugs about the button...

Maybe you can improve the tutorial about making next and back buttonsso people don't get lost

I have question

I have question, when you was saying draw Hp bar and take it to movieclip and give it variable name hp, that tell me, how I can add variable name to movieclips ?

I can add variable name to dynamic text but not to movieclips, in beginning everythink was clear but with Hp, mp and xp bar I have trouble,
looks like dynamic texts are easter than bars.

Hoeloe responds:

Go to properties and look at the left side. There is a box that says:
<Instance Name>