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Reviews for "Detailed RPG Tutorial"

good exsept one thing ....

slow down the page turning as i missed a few steps because it goes way too fast. still that was very helpfull and well explained. Good job.

Hoeloe responds:

i dont no the script 2 do tht soz, 4 the mo ull just hav 2 tap reeeeeely lightly

pretty good

i really liked it. from the title, i guessed it would be some idiot who blatantly just pasted stuff from other tuts. really good stuff. i suggest you make another on a different subject. =)

nice, but

I wouldn't say it's datailed, in the tutorial itself, it says that is not detailed. beginners would feel lost with it, and some parts were confusing. Would be better if it was a text tutorial with images rather than a flash animation.


this is going to my favorates.


but i noticed one little bug, well its not a bug but its annoying, when you press the right button to go to the next section of the tut it always goes like 3 sections forward and not 1.
so in other words the script is very sensitive and if you dont tap the button light enough it will go beserk.


Hoeloe responds:

yer i dont no the script 2 make it go non sensitive

i gave it a overall 9 for the whole explanation

I found this a very nice tutorial because it gives you results of the code. instead of reading code and having to figure out everything, you now can see the results.

I have approved this tut of being useful and has been faved for future reference.

Maybe you should make it even more advanced. approaching more rpg related subjects.

Reviewer 1: fuck you, go through the whole tut before you judge.

Hoeloe responds:

yer well, i figured tht as i didnt hav enuf space in the what do i learn? section, then there would be no real point in putting that in because all i would get would be n00bish complaints sayin i didnt put it on the what do i learn section and dont worry if you didnt understand what i said because not many people do. End.