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Reviews for "Eddsworld Christmas '05"


im surprised edd didnt need to take a piss after drinking all that cola lol


that was pretty funny edd!!!!!!"They shoot....adult films"LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLZ!!!!!!!!


I totally love this one. But Tord, a communist? Awesome! But Norway? Russia'd be better.


great but this makes me sad i havent had a coke in 5 years pepsi just ent teh same =(

@ROBLOX-MAN, Matt is part of Eddsworld. If you look at not just the old eddisodes but all of them, you'll see Matt is an actual main character who wears a purple hoodie with a green overcoat, has a formidable chin but has the intelligence of a kitchen shelf. (as said in 'Eddsworld Theme' by SongsToWearPantsTo)
And yes, I am a massive fan of Eddsworld.