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Reviews for "Eddsworld Christmas '05"

made after robotboy

Well, that was odd. Usually, everyone does a parody where everyone's life is better. It was weird because this was half and half. Some people's lives were better and some weren't. Then again, there was no Coca-Cola. It was probably for the worse.

It's great to once again see how the animation has gotten better. These cartoons are pretty easy to follow. The animation isn't too bad. I felt like this could have been funnier. There weren't that many jokes.

That lucky can...

im in your car edward

@ROBLOX-MAN, Matt is part of Eddsworld. If you look at not just the old eddisodes but all of them, you'll see Matt is an actual main character who wears a purple hoodie with a green overcoat, has a formidable chin but has the intelligence of a kitchen shelf. (as said in 'Eddsworld Theme' by SongsToWearPantsTo)
And yes, I am a massive fan of Eddsworld.