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Reviews for "Eddsworld Christmas '05"

lolkewlwtfomgbbq, awesome

this was one of edd's best. "I'd just like to point out I don't celebrate Christmas', Matt and I are alike now, I guess. AWESOME ^_^ \m/!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!1

nice work!

umm...that's all. Merry Christmas!

it was ok

it's a good movie


glad to see you're still animating edd. <3

eddsworld responds:

glad to see you're still watching them jez <3

Great flash!

definately a good piece of work, but I'm glad that you had subtitles...I don't konw the soudn wasn't too me necessary and I ended up watching this without sound, watched it again and likedi t better just reading it

Good Flash!