Reviews for "i-Pod Battle"


at least my shuffle doesnt look like THAT. look at the ipods before animating them. might help.

not bad

well, since i got no one to play this with, a majority of the fun in this game was lost. i tried to play with myself in this game, but it was almost no fun at all. a one-player mode of some sort is desperately needed for this game.

BoMToons responds:

Yeah, 1 p would have been nice...had no idea how to make AI at the time though.

nice, but...

I Like it, really, the thing is it's only enjoyable if your playing with someone, or if your ambidextrous.


The controls don't suck at all......but it is a good idea for a game though!!!

not TOO bad

but even with someone playing against you its just boring its lacking moves and all the jazz you should make more attacks and shit K? the only reazon its a three is cuz im a dick :)