Reviews for "i-Pod Battle"

I-pod fighting?

Rofl, thats a funny idea. I was laughing the whole time playing it.

BoMToons responds:

Thanks, I thought it was pretty funny too.

The I Pods Were Better

Now I really want an I Pod after playing this game. I thing I will go with shuffle since it's cheap. The fight was usually slow when I was battling wuith Shuffle. I had a nack for this game which was good. Overall this game deserves a 9 for the awesome graphics and sick gameplay.

BoMToons responds:

Nice. Another victory for apple.


very cool i got just a suggestion though maybe put a music changer because the one u put on was kinda of annoyin at a point. Anyways keep it up.
Peace out.

BoMToons responds:

The music changes based on the bg you choose to play in.


but U could have added a iPod Touch, or a super attack

Great game

The reason I'm making a review is because it seems Newground's retard numbers are growing.

One, as Mr. Turtle said this was made in 2005. Come on. There was no such thing as a Ipod Touch back then. And the Flash capablities were limited back then, give BoMToons a break. Check out his new stuff. I bet most of you who said he sucked said he rocked on his newer stuff and had no idea it was him. This was only his second submission.

When you see someone like MrTurtle's comment considered 'useless' and a comment as helpless as you can get like F4LL3NJ's considered 'helpful' you find out why today's test scores are down.

For back then this was great. Not amazing, but definitely not trash like you people wrote it off as. The users are the ones who "really needs more effort".