Reviews for "i-Pod Battle"


Pretty good,although it could use better graphics,and more players.

((( NOTBAD )))

Notbad of a game goes well with the times hehe, you should have made it so a single play could play, but it was still ok lots of fun infact, the grapghcs were ok but could be slightly better, anyways fun game...

More detail in graphics and art areas and more options like single player mode...

Fun game for the times, 2 player only so be warned...



It certainly is a new type of fighting game. Go Nano!

I freaking hate you and all your flash thing.

I don't wanna call them games or movies. Maybe I can call them suck.

BoMToons responds:

You're just mad cuz you have no friends to play with.

not bad

well, since i got no one to play this with, a majority of the fun in this game was lost. i tried to play with myself in this game, but it was almost no fun at all. a one-player mode of some sort is desperately needed for this game.

BoMToons responds:

Yeah, 1 p would have been nice...had no idea how to make AI at the time though.