Reviews for "Thermometurrr."

Very nice.

Smooth animation, very proffessional looking. I know I don't linke it when people give me low scores just because it was short, so I gave you a ten, otherwise I would've taken off a point because it was short. To wrap things up, I think it was very funny, clever and everything was very smooth and flowed well. Great job! You should submit it to be an E-card somewhere. Perfect length for one.


JHansson responds:

Thanks man! It is a bit short, thank you for the ten! I was thinking about the ecard thing but then i can't figure out as what kind... maybe a get well soon card? i dunno. Thank you for your advice and for watching!


first of all, dont be so negative about yourself, not too many people can draw this well, or animate this well, so hands down great job. Get the negative comments about yourself off hte page, it gives people a preconceived idea about your film. Only thing I didnt like about the film was the quality of the audio with the voice, it seemed out of place, a bit of sound effects work would have helped as well. What separates this from a shit production and high quality is your production. I dont believe there is anything wrong with straight ahead animation...its stream of mind (just very slowly)...


JHansson responds:

OPS!! I didn't realize it sounded so negative. I do now!
I will think a little bit harder about that in the future. Still learning the audio part. I didn't use sound effects because i wanted it to be a little deadpan. Thank you for your input!


"wait a minute!? thats not a dial phone!" LMAO. great humor, exploiting the fact that most people would not even notice something was wrong and then shuving it in theyre face. awsome character and great animation. keep it up!

JHansson responds:

Thank you! I wanted to make the actual phone call sketchy as hell and if people know he didn't actually make the call, one can only assume he's crazy. At first i didn't have the part after when he is chweing the phone, I only added it because people didn't get he was crazy... I am glad you liked it and thank you!


The character was so cute, I got over the disturbing thought of having a thermometer stuck where the sun dont shine XD

JHansson responds:

More is coming but i stay away from the "sun don't shine area" subject... It tends to creap people out which is good sometimes... Thank you for watching and voting!

sweet deal bro!!

WOWY ZOWY WAMMY BLAMMY!!!!!!! nice job it came out great man. your stuff keeps getting better and better!! keep up the good work.