Reviews for "Thermometurrr."

sweet deal bro!!

WOWY ZOWY WAMMY BLAMMY!!!!!!! nice job it came out great man. your stuff keeps getting better and better!! keep up the good work.


Yess!! I've always wondered why you haven't submitted anything to newgrounds before... This is great.
Now that you've given these guys a taste of Your shit (the good kind of shit, that confusing methaphor to actually means something that is completely amazing...not that stuff you forced me taste back in the day--you know, shit shit.), what are you waiting for boy?!!! Keep em' coming!!!


you rule so hard, oh my gosh.... Naw, you know... top notch random sh*t man, as you know i am already a fan of your work, this is a great start for newgrounds, and don't sell yourself short damn it!!!! you make it happen like a bear crapping in the woods, theres no stopping it. I can't wait till you put up more especially the one you showed me the other day... all i can say is if you liked this one, you'll love whats to come. You keep getting better and better, don't stop the rockin'!!! AAAOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!! -fart-

JHansson responds:

Holy crap! DavemasterX you are too kind! More furious goodness coming up! Been cleaning up and adding madness to the new short. Soon.....Sooooon....


The character was so cute, I got over the disturbing thought of having a thermometer stuck where the sun dont shine XD

JHansson responds:

More is coming but i stay away from the "sun don't shine area" subject... It tends to creap people out which is good sometimes... Thank you for watching and voting!


"wait a minute!? thats not a dial phone!" LMAO. great humor, exploiting the fact that most people would not even notice something was wrong and then shuving it in theyre face. awsome character and great animation. keep it up!

JHansson responds:

Thank you! I wanted to make the actual phone call sketchy as hell and if people know he didn't actually make the call, one can only assume he's crazy. At first i didn't have the part after when he is chweing the phone, I only added it because people didn't get he was crazy... I am glad you liked it and thank you!