Reviews for "Thermometurrr."

Very nice.

Smooth animation, very proffessional looking. I know I don't linke it when people give me low scores just because it was short, so I gave you a ten, otherwise I would've taken off a point because it was short. To wrap things up, I think it was very funny, clever and everything was very smooth and flowed well. Great job! You should submit it to be an E-card somewhere. Perfect length for one.


JHansson responds:

Thanks man! It is a bit short, thank you for the ten! I was thinking about the ecard thing but then i can't figure out as what kind... maybe a get well soon card? i dunno. Thank you for your advice and for watching!

Not bad for your first submission!

That was pretty good art, funny, but a tad short. But thats ok as this was an excellent submission. Keep up on the art and a little longer next time and you can expect an A+ submission!

This Submission Gets a 3 out of 5!!!


JHansson responds:

Next one is longer. A little unpolished but soon i'll put it up. An A+ huh? Thanks for your kind words!

Good Job me matey

This is fucking hilarious. But people don't laugh. Almost every sloth in the world is dying of thermometers up in their asses. So make a donation to the "Save the Sloth's Ass" foundation. Located near a local 7-11. Thank You and Goodnight.

JHansson responds:

OPS! i guess the bear could seem to look like a sloth... I wouldn't hang it up at a 7-11 knowing they are responsible for all the evil in this world. For we all know they are the ones in the posession of the thermometers... right? And they are always sneaky... and slow with the change.... be aware...ANd BE WARNED!! Thanks for watching my short. Glad you liked it!!

:~> Very Good!

Yes, dude, this was very nice. I usually ask people for plots, stories but I don't mind quick stuff like that, when so nicely made. It was simply great. Congratulations!

Do some more animation for us! =)

# Poirot #

JHansson responds:

Sweet! More animation is on the way. Will be longer and more packed with twisted action! Thank you!


I didn't know polar bears used thermometers. I thought this movie was okay, but it was a bit short. Made me chuckle though.


JHansson responds:

Chuckle is good... thank you for voting!