Reviews for "Thermometurrr."


very good job. by the way did u get the phone inspration from family guy, when quagmire got his yoo hoo stuck in the window? just askin! keep up the good work!

JHansson responds:

I didn't see that episode. I want to! Don't see that much of it here in Europe. Though family guy in general is hugely inspiring. Thankns for your comment!


wow that was more than i expected.

i noticed when he was dialing, that he was pushing a rotary dialer. so im like WTF? so then i saw the popup about the phone and i was like "ok so he did know, awesome!"

JHansson responds:

Yea. Stupid bear... Dialing a rotary phone... Glad you like it! Thank you.

It was ok..

I liked the Graphics, i think you need better ideas though, i liked the voice acting and i cracked a smile maybe twice through the flash, id give it a 3/5 maybe.

JHansson responds:

Not a lot of my work has an actual idea behind it. I just like to animate characters. But yes, once the character is down there will defenately be somehting with more of a plot. Thank you for your input.


Nice man! I like that. good humor and all. and its a bear. i gave it a 4. hope it doesnt get blammed. if it does, dont take it hard.

- K

JHansson responds:

Hey! Thanks for voting! I am glad you like it! Blammed or not, i get tons of good advice on the way so it pays of anyways! Thanks!

im the same way

i dont like writing the stories, so i have some1 else do that part the drawing is where its at

JHansson responds:

I like writing stories... Too lazy though. I care more about character quality. It almost as important as story if not more sometimes. Thanks for watching!