Reviews for "Thermometurrr."


first of all, dont be so negative about yourself, not too many people can draw this well, or animate this well, so hands down great job. Get the negative comments about yourself off hte page, it gives people a preconceived idea about your film. Only thing I didnt like about the film was the quality of the audio with the voice, it seemed out of place, a bit of sound effects work would have helped as well. What separates this from a shit production and high quality is your production. I dont believe there is anything wrong with straight ahead animation...its stream of mind (just very slowly)...


JHansson responds:

OPS!! I didn't realize it sounded so negative. I do now!
I will think a little bit harder about that in the future. Still learning the audio part. I didn't use sound effects because i wanted it to be a little deadpan. Thank you for your input!

No need for story.

You came up with a decent enough story anyway. Well done on your design and animating. Keep cranking this stuff out and you'll be a real hit around here.

JHansson responds:

Thank you!


was that! i i miss sum thing?

JHansson responds:

Yes... Thank you for watching!

That Was Okay

This wasn't all that bad of a movie i have to tell you. It actually was funny to me. Well the most i can say is keep up the good work and good luck.

JHansson responds:


i was gunna point it out in the review

but it ends up it was the joke! very good, smooth animation, a little odd.. it wasnt hilarious but it was amuzing and a little crazy. i liked it. keep up the GOOD work!

JHansson responds:

Makes me happy you liked it. More crazy stuff coming up soon. Thank you.