Reviews for "Glass Fish - Inside the Whale"


I really liked that song when I was playing the game, so I came here hoping that you have made a extended version of it T_T
It's a shame that this awesome song has only one minute...

But, very good song ^^

Brining a bit of the past towards the future.

This music is exactly whats needed in games, its the perfect element of sound :)

Bring back 8-bit sound!

Not bad, not bad

Well, first off, let me congratulate you on how you made the top of the week and everything. Congratulations and you must be so proud. Now it is review time

First off, your melody is very creative, you definitely have some really good ideas. You added that old feel to it and you really made it work out for you. The melody continued flowing with very little repatition and you kept it moving. Now for the problems.

While, yes, I decided to go the extra mile and a half and play the game, I understand why it was so short. The only problem was, that it was really short. If you make a song work on the length and make sure to keep it continuesly interesting. What you had was pretty good though. Next, you need to work on your ending, it usually kills it for me if you just end it with out any resolution to your song.

Anyway aside from that you did a good job, hope to hear more from you. Peace,

Good song.

I know that it was made for the game and it is a good song however it was a bit on the short side and it ends too abruptly.


i can see why u called it inside the whale!!!!! did you plan it that way or did u just make up the name on the spot???? it defiantly suits it!!!!

sorry 4 the 7 stars. i have very high music standards!!!!!