Reviews for "Glass Fish - Inside the Whale"

This is favorite.

This song is one of my favorite techno game songs at the moment. I just love everything about this song and it's entirety.

I look forward to a sequel to your game! I loved every second of it! :D


This techno song was the best in Glass Fish Rhythm. The beginning was my favorite part. Love how you played the beats. You should make the song a little more longer, though. I liked the ending, but It still needs some work on it. Nice work! 10/10 5/5



I really liked that song when I was playing the game, so I came here hoping that you have made a extended version of it T_T
It's a shame that this awesome song has only one minute...

But, very good song ^^


Awesome song. Out of the 3 Glass Fish music, this is the best one. It's a great techno song.


great music! the game is my new favourite! and... umm... IM THE FIRST!