Reviews for "Glass Fish - Inside the Whale"


You uploaded it! =D
Great one, best of Glass Fish Rhythm. I love chiptune and 8 bit music.

Now for a full version...


as soon as i heard this music and saw the electronic fish moving with the beat. I was like OOOHHHHH SHIT! NICE! good job man! I'm proud of your guys :)


Not obnoxious, it moves along pretty nicely. Only complaint is it's a bit short. Techno, but not noise polluting in the unpleasant sense. As always, the drum beat really lifts the whole thing up. Would have been nice if it had been a tad faster.

8-bit techno and nu-waves love child

you are a great music producer, i would love to hear your beats in my car through my 12's , make an album please


Ive been waiting for you to post this! My favorite!