Reviews for "Rose At Meridiem"

The tunes are a bit different...

But the overall feel for the music as a Rose, never changed. It's more mellow than others, but it still doesn't deter the theme. But the use of orchestral instruments is excellent. Despite the fact that I am not familiar with Meridiem. I guess this will be the beginning of a new series of rose. I hope to hear more soon.

NemesisTheory responds:

True! I actually kind of agree it more sounds like a normal battle theme than a boss theme after having listened to it myself a few times in a row now, but it still sounds RPGish indeed. :)

I explained the word Meridiem a few reviews below, basically it's latin for noon. :P

Thanks for the review!

Oh yeah!

I thought Rose at Twilight was meant to be the last one. :o

Oh well that doesn't matter, I'm thrilled there's another. Four of my most favourite songs, the rose series, have been on my ipod for quite some time. I still listern to them almost every morning on the bus, but now I hav a fith one to add, and it couldn't be any better. Woop woop!

Just one question, what time of day is Meridiem?

God damn it...

How can you create such awesome songs?
I wish I could do this...


I swear, this is by far one of my favorite songs on NG. The other favorites are all yours anyway buuuttt.. This song is not only booring and slow, but it just keeps going and doesn't repeat certain melodies over and over and ovver again. I just ... Favorite and Something else I forgot. Keep it up! Also I heard Still Blastin or Blazing ahh I dunno but: NT = Best Music Artist

I listened to this song with my headphones and it sounded so amazing. 5/5