Reviews for "The shitty birth of our galaxy"

this is brilliant! I had no idea you could make such fantastic art using that ArtRage program!
Plus your art style has improved considerably over the years. Well done!

Extrodinary use of paint. I like it!

Stoned-Gorilla responds:

thanks! i forgot to mention this was done in ArtRage, it's not actally oil/acrylic. art rage is awesome for having that kind of painterly look to it with its oil brush tool.

We're all unicorn poop... :c

Huh. and I thought it was "star stuff". I'm gonna have to watch Cosmos again. Just kidding. Well I get this. It may also be a mockery of religious myths in general or maybe it's not so deep. But I sure as hell wouldn't it as a mural on my wall.

Should be teen…
otherwise pretty good.