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Reviews for "Premature Toast"

I am amused by how this is rated E for everyone. Which might actually be fair because the kids simply wouldn't get it, they'd just think it was 2 toasters and a non-sequitur statement. But then it brings up the question, how DOES such an anthropomorphic toaster make little toasters? Does the female toaster "pop up" actual toasters instead of bread then? Damn, I want a toaster that pops out other toasters instead of toast. Though that brings up the question, if the females pop out fully formed toasters instead of toast, does that mean it's bread-in metal toasters-out? Or would I need to put metal bread in to get toasters out? Or are they nuclear transmutation reactors, able to turn bread into metal, and if so, can the females also produce other metals like platinum and rhodium instead of iron? Even if not, I could make a fortune selling off the male offspring (because if I sold the females, I'd have competition, and I wouldn't want other people driving down the market going rate for toasters). But then what to do with all the females? Breed them with the males, and possibly get mutant incestuous toasters? Ahh, the ethics of toaster slavery and husbandry is such a complicated one indeed.


so funny

Dem Gears of his wife.

lol good