Reviews for "Let it be [Cover]"


You made the beatles sound nothing like they are! How dare you make them look bad! Grrrrrrrrrr!!!.... But the rest of your band's songs are good.

PS When I said Orginiality-10....I meant that in a not good, not bad way.

Chungadaddy responds:

Well... this reaction is to be expected since the song is quite different from the original. In my point of view a cover should bring something new and I think this one completed that but you can also link it to the original song! I'm proud of this composition but I know that this type of work is more susceptible to either be loved or hated... so... We just can't please them all. Either way thanks you for your review.

Good cover!

Very nicely done... A few notes were a little bit strange, but it sounded pretty good none the less. Your singer has a great voice!

Chungadaddy responds:

Thank you. This was one of our first songs so things weren't exacly perfect at the time... but I think we've been improving =). All the best for your band!


many covers sound just like the original but with a slightly different sound. Yours, however, has its own style and thats what makes it unique and I like it because of that. If I could make a request for a cover, it would be a great pleasure to hear a Queen cover. Thank you and great job!

Chungadaddy responds:

Thank you so much!!!! That's a huge compliment!! If we ever do that I just hope that you'll enjoy it cause there's no way I'll let you miss hearing it.

whats a cover?

nice, well done. i like the jazzy twist, but the long, quiet intro wasn't my favorite aspect. nice work. btw whats a cover?

Chungadaddy responds:

Thx for your review. I enjoy having some feedback. Gives room for improvement in the future;-). A cover is a twist from the original song, i.e., songs RECORDED by an artist other than the original ARTIST... like a remake. I bet you know thousands from other bands, now that you know what one is. Anyway, thank you once more=)