Reviews for "Let it be [Cover]"

Great cover of a wounderful song!

This is a great cover of one of the best bands, IMO. Despite my declared dislike of Jazz music i truly did enjoy this song. Very original for a cover of such a popular song, Keep up the good work!

Chungadaddy responds:

THX!! just glad to see this come through with such a good acceptance. We can do it even better now! Just wish I could show it to you...

aww you took first from me.

but well deserved. you sound great man. good luck in the future!

Chungadaddy responds:

Thx men. Sure hope so =)

let it be

let it be, let it be ya, lol....

Chungadaddy responds:

Thx for taking the time to review most of my songs. I hope you enjoyed listening to them as much as I enjoy playing them ;)


I know that you guys didn't create that, i'm not an idiot, but that was a completely original version of that. Very jazzy. I really, really enjoyed it. Very well done. 5 for you, friend.

Chungadaddy responds:

Thank you so much. We are also aiming for the "I'm not an idiot" audience;) and I'm ever so glad you enjoyed it. Keep up the good work friend

im impressed!!

good golly miss molly
thats quite a well job done!! although its almost impossible to tell its let it be by the beatles, i think your singer is much better than paul mccartney (mccartney was just a cheap baby-faced john lennon) and i love the jazz! i listen to lots and lots of different music from iron maiden to billy joel to willie nelson to everyones favourite, handel (wrote the messiah hes a classical composer). ive had lots of different musical influences, and this is actually one of the better jazzy pieces ive heard in quite some time!! if i could, id like to know the name of your band or how i could access more of your music!

Chungadaddy responds:

Thank you. You flatter us deeply! I'm very proud of this piece that was made 4 years ago! The band's name is SAVOY TRUFFLE (it's a Beatles song from the white album) and as for the rest.. well... we don't have any website and, as you probably noticed if you read all the other reviews, we don't have a cd so I guess Newgrouds is right now the only place... and I started putting them for download in a curious way, more for fun... And I'm amazingly surprised!!
Don't worry John, I'll get back at you ASAP!;)