Reviews for "Let it be [Cover]"

'Beatles' in A jazzy Jacket

Great Jazz voice and sound. To be honoust. Nothing has to do with the 'Beatles' anymore. Only the text stays the same?. I can call this Original. I'm not very well with the original 'Beatles' sound. Yeah. It's worth a good Overall Score. Only pity the drum stays on the background. But I geuss that is the chillin of jazz ;-)

Chungadaddy responds:

Thank you so much for your review and honesty. I can understand... the beatles are one of the really great bands... that's hard to compete with or even improve. Even so we did our best... I wonder what they would say?

really good

hey man, i thought i would leave you a comment for all your help with my other songs... this is a really great song... the vocalist is rather good and your transitions between different beats is quite seemless, over all its a great song man, with some great guitar and piano... and you have made the song extremly original for a cover... if you know what i mean... anyway, mad song... keep it up

Chungadaddy responds:

Thx! No need for leaving a comment but thx a lot=)! Men... good luck with the copyrighte. I hope you'll make it! Like I said I enjoyed a lot and I'm honered for you even considering in showing me your songs if you'll make it. I'll be waiting. Until then, good luck!


This is the best audio clip I have ever heard. It has a very classical feeling that The Beatles always had. This one is now next to the original. Im sure that your band will become one of the best around.

And who was that playing the piano? It was some of the best Ive heard. Im aspiring to play the piano for a band as well.

Thank you for the song and insperation to everyone!

Chungadaddy responds:

The piano is me (0h happy days!) ... thx! That was really good to hear. And I can't think of a better compliment than the inspirational one... just glad we could "help" you. Just always have fun with it... the girls will come later on ok? ;)


Great Job!
Finally an "original" cover of a song... Although Jazz isn't my forte you still did a great job!

Chungadaddy responds:

Whoa! A messega from da pope! Sorry! Corny comment =) (I actually like your nick that's why I couldn't held my self). Thx. It's been a while with the comments but it's nice to "hear" still good things about this one.


You took the one song that made me get into guitar, and made it even more brilliant. Ok, that's going a litte too far. You can't beat the original, but you guys did an awesome job on taking a classic song, and making it new.

I loved the second...verse...I guess you'd call it, where you got all into it. Fast tempo, caught me by surpise. Great job.

Also, nice job on taking some of the reviews here so calmly. People graded rather unfairly on this, but you didn't insult or anything.

You're a cool person. Keep up the great work. I loved this! :D

Chungadaddy responds:

When words just don't seem enough the only thing that's left is to try and thank as sincerely as possible... THANK YOU. I'm just glad you were able to enjoy the few minutes we were able to provide with this song. As for the reviews and scores... (again) The important thing is that YOU enjoyed it =). We aim to please