Reviews for "Let it be [Cover]"

Not bad

Well i thought it was ok, but not that original or anything. Just sang/played with a different rhythmn. I liked it overall, sounded rather proffesionally made. Good work, try not to pause so much between versus/chorus. Or atleast play something good besides a repetition.

It was different

This was an interesting take on the Beatles. More of a 50's Rock & Roll than I would have expected. I like it, although the voice sounded a little bit shakey. Originality gets a good score because this was 180 degrees from the Beatles, same story for diversity. All the notes were clear, so 10 on clarity. gj mate


Nice, great beatles song and a quality cover Nice job!


It's cool how you changed the song, but I also miss some of the stuff they did in the original.

one of a kind!

I must say this goes right up with Hendrix's cover of Hey Joe, just beautiful. I'd love to have a tab or at least a tab to the chords he uses. Great singing

P.S. My E-mail is still down sry, could you tell me what pedal(s) (in all of your music) your guitarist uses & amp is the responce to this review?