Reviews for "Let it be [Cover]"


Well, that was pretty good. Vocals were a little off though. Not that many people choose the Let IT BE album. Most people choose The White Album or Revolver. So i would say that this is original. It sounds like that you put a lot of effort in it. Awesome work! The Beatles Rock!!!!!


Wow! You did such a great job utilizing the piano, drums, and the guitar.... nice voice too.

Keep up the great work! :)

Puts a new spin on Beatles original.

This is a very unique cover of the Beatles's "Let it Be." Its jazzy vibe refreshes the listener and makes them feel proud of themselves. The well-produced clarity of the track is suprisingly crisp.

nice one:)

id say, when i heard the whole thing i felt like i was playing Sims again;D, and i think those are good ,:P

Just beautiful...

I love your jazzy rendition of this song, one of the few covers to truly give it justice!