Reviews for "Super Retarded Dog #001"

Classic! Lol!

I saw this back in 2005, and it's still funny to this day! The way he ran just killed me XD. That song is still in my head!
...now I gotta go confess my sins over this hilarious flash, and I normally don't do that.


haha great singin

This may be the funniest animal related animation

Please, Make more of these! I know this was made in 2005, but if you make some new episodes, I'm sure you will rise to the top!


I got one!

I shouldn't laugh, but I must.

Like the comment before, I had to see this after seeing the bloopers of Steven Seagal. I was killing myself laughing when SRD was running. The shoes, oh the shoes.
Ah, I'm a terrible person now. xD