Reviews for "Colour My World"

Gotta be good!

So I'm a network engineer at a technology company and was on the phone with tech support. I just happened to be playing this in the background while they did their thing. So the guy asks me "what is that "record" your playing in the background?". Of course I told him it wasn't a record but a song playing for a site where all sorts of people collaborate.

Long story short I ended up pasting a link to this song in the Webex chat session! So it has to be good!!

Keep up the great work :)

The static isn't very noticeable

I think ur speakers are just really loud or sumtin, fishfood. but anyways great piece, I usually don't like piano only pieces (or like them and just never get to listen to them) well balanced never too heavy on one side of the staff u know? kinda like that. well written and thought out not all jumbly or strange at places. and very smmoth and as an added bonus. it loops extremely well. I listened to it throught about 4 times before I noticed. Great work keep it up.

played it

Ive played the game before, very very very sad (in the good way), overall cool song

Wh..Why am i sleepy......


Absolutely Touching

I cried my heart out when I heard this song. I felt a bitter taste on my lips the very moment I heard it. I certainly love this song to pieces. I can't explain how this music felt to me, But... The music already did the explaining. This I think is part of what the game was, This was what colored the story and was the strawberry on the top of the cake. I loved the game and it's music oh so very much, Much luck to you on further submissions.