Reviews for "Colour My World"

It's so calm and touching
I played Colour My World in 2011 and this is nostalgic for me:')

Sometimes, when you are, you wanna think all the problems you have in your life, and think how's your life going. But, thinking about it just made it worst all the time. And even, you are trying to hurt yourself. You can't stop resist, but you gonna blame yourself for what's wrong with your friends. You are alone in this world (Imagine you have no friends). You are trapped in a very unknown place. But only your love can get you out of that place. But how? Relationships doesn't break. They're getting stronger everyday. This music tell my life's stories (about what's going on with my life). Thanks for the music! I really wanna be alone :D


Really lovely piece of music, I think it's kinda dark, which is awesome. Sheets? :3

Absolutly beautiful... Your music gives life to the game. I love it. :D