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Reviews for "Colour My World"


This is so cool. kinda romatic.

Still not over this.

Every once in a while i test myself, and i go back to see things like this.
just to check if i still like what i liked back then.
Still like this :D

This is..

Absolutely amazing. Beautiful song. I envy your talent.


Very beautiful, as well as inspiring...
I have one question, is it possible that a synthesia version of this song exists, or some tutorial?
I'm can't read notes....so yeah :/

The comfort of love placed in a game... Beautiful

It is the most and majestic game I had ever played i want to show this to the girl i like to inspire her. It is so beautiful please do not end this series give it a little more thought and keep on making it, this is so truely amazing i can not only describe it in words it comes from the bottem of my heart <3