Reviews for "Colour My World"


Quite a beautiful piece, I must say. I guess it could be considered cocktail music, so I can see where you're coming from when you call it jazz, but I agree with Druids. This is more of a classical style, rather than a jazz style.


really stellar, not sure i call it Jazz though i dont hear any thing else but piano in it. so it be classical or some thing but still very nice

I love piano ..

this is just the music i love man ;)
It's just super;)
Did me wanna push a tear out of my head that actually almost worked :D

-DJ Wipeout

Review time!!!

Okay, so first off, let me congratulate you on making the top of the best of the week. Congratulations and hope you keep up the musical work. Now on to the review.

Overall, your idea is good, the execution was near perfect. The song was very mellow and universal. You had a good beginning and good ending. There were a few minor details however, that you may want to think about.

FIrst off, I played the game, it was really interesting and universal. When I listened to the song on the game I didn't mind it. Now that I actually hear the song by itself however, it becomes rather dull. That is a major problem with music these days. Whenever someone thinks about music, they think of it as mere backround sound, to "fill in the minor gaps". While, there are some truly epic songs out there, the majority is considered like this one. Interesting when put with the scenario, however, not as interesting when actually alone. Try making it stronger or more noticeable and contradict this popular opinion. That's my view of it.

Next comes the sound itself. Like I said, very original piece, overall I liked it, the melody was created without another reference, the tempo was slow and relaxed, and it felt like you knew what you were doing. Like I said previously, very good execution, the only problem lies within the sound quality. While I love it when someone goes the extra mile and does this on a real instrument, you have those minor details that you must edit. For example, the sound of the pedals as you pushed them down when playing kind of took away from the sound. Trust me, I am a musiscian and it has been scientifically proven that musiscians can depict more sound easier. This comes almost naturally to me as well. That is why I heard this. Also, the microphone you were using was not top notch. In the sense that you had a mic that picked up more of the air sounds.

Now for your playing. Overall your playing was excellent, you had an idea and you played it beautifully. I have no complaints whatsoever about that. I would have expected the same playing from something on itunes. Not saying that you are a proffesional however, you aren't bad either. Keep up your studies and you are not too far from actually becoming something great.

Like I said, I really liked the song, there are only a few minor things that need improvement. However don't let the review discourage you. Keep up the good work and the composing, the world needs more people like this and you fit the perfect analysis of it. Good job and I hope to hear more from you. Peace,

Very Good Piece

Very simple and plain but that is what makes it beautiful.