Reviews for "Colour My World"

yes siree!

it's so soothing it takes me 2 another place. i hope u make more piano pieces like this one.

Absolutely Touching

I cried my heart out when I heard this song. I felt a bitter taste on my lips the very moment I heard it. I certainly love this song to pieces. I can't explain how this music felt to me, But... The music already did the explaining. This I think is part of what the game was, This was what colored the story and was the strawberry on the top of the cake. I loved the game and it's music oh so very much, Much luck to you on further submissions.

Love this song%u2665

No really,Love this song.%u2665

the best song of my favourites

Simply beautiful with a lot of inspiration.

Now in the soundtrack of my life.

I found your song while playing the game with the same name. I found it really touching, it was memorized and replayed in my heart and mind countless times, always with a bittersweet touch.
By the time I played "Colour my World" I felt what the main character did, because I had experienced something similar with my dear one. The game is wonderful, but half of the experience was bought by the music. You're very talented, and even if the song is simple is tremendously sweet and beautiful.
The only question I have is: Do you have a clean version? I mean, without the little pops that we hear in the background. It's just curiosity.

Sorry for my bad English, my mother tongue is Spanish.