Reviews for "Colour My World"

The thing that make me love Colour my World was this music

This song makes me think of watching someone live out their life in 2 minutes... Depressing. really depressing.

VERY good song. This is an example of what music should be.

The melody is awesome and depending on your mood can be happy or sad. The pauses are done SO well, and they add much more depth to the song. The only instrument in the song is piano, which rarely is done so well on its own. Very professionally done. I love the vinyl sound playing in the background. That sound makes it quite sad for me.

This song can be happy or sad, as I mentioned before, but both so well. I can imagine this during the birth of a child, or the death of a family member. And it works so well in both situations.

Over-all there really is nothing to improve upon. I think it is pretty much perfect. If you want any advice on how to make it better, you could ask a professional musician although I am sure they'd have trouble thinking of something as well.

Again great job, not much else to say.

~Nicholas Offer

Love this song but I can't understand why you think it's a joyful melody... It's depressing as fuck, nevertheless. Good music

I dont see how this is in any kind Jazz. Quite ok as a Song but wrong genre