Reviews for "Conan VS Kindergaten Kop"


I loved this piece! Great artistic sense and style. Decent Ahnold voice (it's the thought that counts ;) ).

Also, having nothing to do with the way I voted: As a Californian, I appreciate your attempt to bring an important issue facing our state to light.


very well done man i laughed quite a bit. ;)


This is one of the funniest flash I've ever seen. The Governator is just comedy gold. Good Job ;D

Give this man a gold medal.

I believe this has to be a score. I totally agree with the views this flash expresses. California is growing by the day. In one year alone my city had a 60-75% growth rate for homes on the market.

I think you should push for this as much as you can, and I'll help spread the word around. Good luck, and great flash!


Nice job, nice bit with the Terminator and his vision mode for the stats. Also nice touch with the classic Terminator theme song opposed to the new one.