Reviews for "Conan VS Kindergaten Kop"


well overall it was a good flash but the thing is, its pointless showing your political ideology of arnold really, but w/e.


Very nice flash, but I don't like how it was just a big scheme to pass off your political opinion.


Nice job, nice bit with the Terminator and his vision mode for the stats. Also nice touch with the classic Terminator theme song opposed to the new one.


I love swartzenagger he's halarious and this flash was well animated and funny nice job!

exelent! gota love the political effort.

not beeing an amarican, this was actualy decently informitive two me! hey add that two the list of oddities asociated with this flash, it both meaningfull AND educational. I emailed the govener, and salute your contribiution and involvment in the democratic system. The movie stands for its self. it was funny, well writen, and well animated. add a moral two that and i cant ask for much more.