Reviews for "Conan VS Kindergaten Kop"

it was pretty funny

i think i actuelly like this one good job

I must say... it's funny because it's true

That was pretty good. It wasn't dumb... it wasn't freakin hilarious... but it successfully got a point across. Kudos.

i see ur point...but

im for everything that kills people as long as i dont live there, i hate people, we should kill of more than half on the population on earth. But thats just me, i liked the terminator and his theme, but other than that it was just pansy ass hippie shit.

Mark2000 responds:

Adolf Hitler is still alive. I slept with her last night. Come out from behind that false mustache, Adolf, I know you're out there.


Like many have said before me, it seemed liked a dumb idea but onced you watched it, it wasn't that bad. Funny yet got a good point across. Nicely animated as well. Keep it up. Later~ T

you know...

at first i think it will be something stupid , and it was ok but with a great idea behind it, its great to see someone who want help his people, the youth of his nation, but in politic it doesnt work with flash andtry convincing people im sorry but i know the matter is only money and sure you put a graphic with missouri if i remember , but i dont think the population are higher or less with california. But you're skill in graphic are great, and you're sound too congrats.