Reviews for "Conan VS Kindergaten Kop"


As someone who is moving to California very soon, I have been taking a closer look at issues such as this. And this little toon not only brightened the issue for those who had no idea, but makes a good point.

I will not put on my "What Would the Terminator Do?" wristband, for his wisdom is eternal.

not bad

the voice could really use some work actually, that was probably the biggest detractor


Loved the graphics, loved the humor, it had a message (i think) and we saw Arnies personality conflict, his voice though, i know it is supposed to be that way, but it wasn't entirely clear, could you improve? Maybe give us on/off subtitles?

fucking funny that is

you can say a lot of bad things about Arnold but i dont think we do it enough

Holy cow!...

If you think this is funny, it is not, this is a very serious matter!

Well, it is kinda funny, but this flash actually made me e-mail the governator to try to convince him to put an end to the disgracing youth detention system over there in California.

Still, I liked this flash, and it´s also a good move from whoever made it.