Reviews for "Conan VS Kindergaten Kop"


wow nice idea nice animation nicenicenice. it was good and made me smirk NOW DESTORY THE YOUTH PRISONS!!!!!!!!111

Go Go Governator.

This was actually quite refreshing, the animation was was very smooth and of a high standard, the author is obviously talented. Being british i don't really get the subject matter but i love this. I don't know if it is meant to take the piss from the governator or not. Most flash about politics is mindless insults from whiners who aren't prepared to go out and do something about it. Maybe this is a critism but it's a lot more intelligent. At least its trying to suggest what is the right thing to do! Top Marks!


A well-animated and humorous PSA.




lol, so totally what i was not expecting! i'm so glad it was relevant and not some gory boring bash fest! excellent graphics aswell, seriously realy good