Reviews for "Conan VS Kindergaten Kop"

i just like the way it was put together

just seeing it was great

Not "ha-ha" funny, but funny.

Politics can be fun when the state of California has a governer who has been both a bodybuilder and a huge moviestar. Politics can be even more fun when that governer is made ridiculed in various flash movies. Even though the concept has been made several times before this movie was entertaining.

Graphics were good, nicely drawn slightly rough. Greate style, playing with camera angles. Loved it. Good sound, no need for soundboard! Overall 9.

Good work!

lol genius! XD

Thought I'd already writen a review for this, there's something about the whole idea for this gag that cracked me up as soon as I knew he was acting with himself. Only complaints is you didn't have the real voice (although you tried bloody hard to get someone who sounded just like him) and perhaps the gag could have been longer as the cop and conan's arguement gets more intence.

When I heard him say... I think it was "I'll show you barbarian you stupid hippy" I thought it was all about to kick off and turn hilarious but then the you know what thing happened... great idea for a movie but so great in fact, it almost felt like you didn't milk it enough.

great animation

great animation conan and terminator rules fuckin kindergarden cop blows great shit and what would teminator do

Excellent infomercial . . . FLAWLESS.

Let's face it . . . most well-done political flashes are among the best flashes, because they have so much substance while still maintaining substantial entertainment value. Whether or not you agree with the lobbyist message, you can't help but agree that the way it is conveyed is persuasive, or at least thought-provoking. In this case, this PSA was so well done that I'd be ashamed if I disagreed with your intent. The implementation of Arnold's character portrayals, integrating them as personifications of the options you present was refreshingly entertaining. The voice-acting was outstanding as Arnold is seemingly easy to replicate but is actually overdone in many cases . . . here you do as well as Darrell Hammond from Saturday Nite Live. The animation was seamless and the suprise visit from my favorite cyborg to present the most feasible option was the icing on the cake . . . definitely a staple in my top 10 favorite flashes for the forseeable future . . . BIG UPS TO BOOKZ NOT BARZ!