Reviews for "Conan VS Kindergaten Kop"

I want a sequal

Please!! Please!! I want another one. I don't care if there a topic make it random for all I care. I want more Arnold!!!!

I wonder if he will make the right decision?

It does seem so, so obvious, but will he? Great cartoon, by the by, and although I don't live in California, it has inspired me to research the issues. Keep up the good work!


This was a very funny movie, i enjoyed it, first prize, i mean 10 score


I Just watched Conan Barbarian movies which made this movie even funnier and I have seen that Kindergarden cop thing too. This very good movie. For friends of Arnold and his movies.

GET TO DA CHOPPA!! Best Arnold Film so far!

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most "intresting" governors in the USA, saying to stop violent video games while he was in commando, where he killed 200 people with gardening tools. Anyways, the flash was very funny, the only problem was I thought it was a little short, although it was long by standards of other movies around here I just wanted it too last longer. Anyway I give this a seven out of ten, and a four out of five. NOW GET TO DA CHOPPA! WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERES NO CHOPPA?! 7/10, 4/5