Reviews for "Conan VS Kindergaten Kop"

that was excellent

Where did you learn to draw like that? the graphics of everything from buildings to characters were drawn perfectly. Voice acting of arnold was decent. This was a great idea of showing how Arnold could be thinking while taking the role as governor. You did a great job. Glad you showed the kindergarden cop and the terminator. haha


Good flash overall.

But did Ahhnold do anything about the issue???


I have to disagree with the last guy on the fact that this wasnt funny. I thought it was great. The subtle movie humor was good, IE the "Its not a tumor/rumor" or the Running Man, Raw Deal, and so forth. Maybe this is better only for Arnold movie fans.

It was okay

The animation was great, and at least you were making a point unlike a lot of the "random" nonsense on here. However I just didn't find it that funny. Arnold is such an easy target, yet I don't think I laughed even once.

The Terminator bit was too cliche and kind of made me cringe - the Kindergarten Cop and Conan references were a lot more original. I just felt this was a wasted opportunity.

Propaganda or not...

... that was a well-animated, well-voiced, and well-written cartoon. I respect you. "It's notta ruu-mah!" hehehehehehe... And the T2 music was a nice touch. Not to mention the Terminator-vision.