Reviews for ".:EFFECTS:."

Why the sticks?

Great animation alike all your others, only thing is why do you use so many stick characters? It ruins it... Stick men are old, too simple and boring.. other than that you have great flash


Great animation! It was pretty funny and drawn well! Nice use of special effects! The animation had sound, but it was over too fast! Next time, you could make it longer with a plot.

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THat was short but that was the craziest shit ive seen in newgrounds in a while, mabey because i dont go on it some much but i liked the blood when the head came off, the guy kicking the head to the camera, and music was sick too.(goodjob)


You've got to make a flash with them effects in. Maybe one of the killer stick ones. That falling head bit was so cool.

Very Nice

That was cool! Very well done!

btw... whats that song at the end?