Reviews for ".:EFFECTS:."

I could do something like this

In fact, I will

Particle animations! Effects with Particles! Yes..

(Keeps talking to himself)

Amazingly Good Effects!

I'm really impressed! Do you do this for a living? You don't see that kind of fluid animation style in cartoons nowadays. Since this is just a test-out on your ability to make effects, I can't really bash it for anything besides the graphics and style, so - all-in-all - this video is amazing!

Cool looking effects

The effects on smoke and dust were pretty good. Maybe next you can try those effects on fully designed characters in more furnished backgrounds. That would be even more impressive.

a level of greatness

you are awsome you have skills you have the power to make a great flash harnest this make it a game use it in a fight seen do something


I've seen big budget animation that's not as good as this