Reviews for ".:EFFECTS:."


Pretty good effects, the blood does need some work, The explosions are stylistically comic-bookish. Hopefully thats kinda what you were aiming for. I like the style of animation the best, style can often make up for deviations in realism.


Really nice effects. It was short but that's okey in context. The blood was the least inpressive but the smoke had a nice transparency transition. I'd like to see this kind of stuff used in an actual short but untill then, nice job.


nice, amazin effects, not so much the actual person, and the end music looped over wen i repeated it. Still, great way to show your effect skills.


I never thought something so random could be so great. The effects, explosions, blood bursts, zooms, blurs and flashes are quite tremendous. Well done. It all looks so crisp and smooth.

Great soundtrack mix too, really adds to the feel.

The most organized and chaotic oraganized chaos ever! ??? mmm?


omg omg omg omg , nice job dude , that looked amazing , and rofl noob pc he didn't have sound lawl