Reviews for ".:EFFECTS:."


wow but just for the hell of it make it longer
overall good job


Amazing. Great effects, but I think it would be better if it was longer, but keep the random element. Keep up the good work!

good one

very nice FBF animation. the drawings in this one were pretty good. a rather random plot to it, but it was great to watch and your efforts were great in it too.
good work.

Wow. Half of the below reviewers can't read

All the bad review you got, were because the people cant read what you said about it. ITS A SHOWCASE OF HIS SKILLS, NOT SOME RANDOM FLASH ANIMATION. Any way, you got some nice skillz, you should put them to use in a flash sometime.


well that was sweeeet put thos skillz to work on a flash with a story

^_^ 5/5