Reviews for ".:EFFECTS:."


That was quite intresting, id like to see some more of your work.

I was going to give it a 4

but i saw your FPS and thats my favorite frame rate to use so I gave you a 5 :)

Very good.

Were you in synergy? Either way, smooth animation, nice graphics, still no plot lines or anything, any plans on that? Or is it all just random? Its lovingly done, would be nice to know how long this stuff takes you.

really good!

man the animation was really smooth and good reminded me of senergy.

You my friend, are the effects master!

Now that was some smooth damn frame by frame action packed effects there! I love those style smokes and blood sprays. I too like to draw similar, but i'm not as good as you. I hope one day to be able to do similar. What you need now is to make something out of it! Make maybe a short fight, no need for a story line and for sure you'll get good results, maybe even front page!